A little bit about me...

I thought I'd start by telling you where the name Pen to Pages came from.

First of all, a little background about me:

I am an emotional girl.  I emote easily.

When I am excited, I am that four year old on Christmas morning who finds Barbie's Dream House (or whatever these whippersnappers are begging for these days) under the tree with a big pink bow.  When I am sad (happy, scared, moved, caught off guard by the right song on the radio....), I practically dehydrate from all the crying.  When I am angry - well, hell hath no fury.... When I am frustrated, I quite literally throw in the towel.  I have also been known to throw other things (usually at the object of my frustration).  When I love, I love with abandon.  I give my all to my friends.  I protect and defend my son without reservation. 

I go hard...going home is not an option.

There have been many times when putting my pen to the pages of my notebook has kept me from putting my foot in my mouth, fist through a pane of glass, a rift in a friendship or dents in a boyfriend's car.  I just keep telling myself, "put the pen to the pages, J....pen to the pages" and it's gotten me off my emotional roller coaster without (much) damage.
With the new direction of the blog, I'm hoping that you can flip through some of those pages as well as find your way to some of the words that others have written (or spoken), too.  

Stay posted for what else you can look forward to in 2010!!

Lady J

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